How To Forward Messages on WhatsApp

Messages sent via WhatsApp Messenger can be shared between contacts within the application in a few quick steps. These messages WhatsApp remain within the confines of the application, allowing users to share texts and photos quickly, and without using a lot of data. 

This article will teach you how to quickly forward messages to any of your WhatsApp contacts. Please note that that forwarded messages do not indicate the original sender. Any messages forwarded within the application will appear to come from the user forwarding the message. 

Forward WhatsApp Messages

Open WhatsApp and select the conversation of your choice. Tap and hold the message that you would like to share. 

A pop-up menu will appear with some message options. Click on the Forward option (on iPhone), or on the small arrow button located in the top-right (on Android devices): 

Your contact list will be displayed. Select the contact with whom you'd like to share the message and then click Send in the messaging window

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