WhatsApp voice calling rolling out to BlackBerry users

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp had recently taken the tech world by storm with the launch of its voice calling services for Android. After this, iOS users began receiving the update. On the waiting list for the feature is the Windows platform.
And now, the update is also rolling out to BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry users are sure to welcome this move. This is a part of the update which is the version Prior to this, voice calling for BlackBerry users on WhatsApp was limited to the beta version. With the update, there are also a few new features that have been introduced. 
Navigation support has also improved. One has the option to make VoIP calls to people who are overseas as well. There is also the option to customise WhatsApp by setting particular ringtones for incoming calls. Also, pictures, video and audio can be filed under months and years sub-directories. The update also brings with it bug fixes. One also has the option of searching for individual contacts, chats even messages by clicking on Search on the actions list. 

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  1. Hello Gehna,

    It's really nice to see about the new WhatsApp voice calling update. As there are WhatsApp users throughout the world so we can be able to make free calls also to our friends across the world.

    Ovais Mirza


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