How to access Whatsapp in web browser?

The mobile messaging service has introduced a new feature by which users can access it even through a web browser

Mobile messaging service Whatsapp is now available in web server.
Whatsapp, which was recently acquired by social media giant Facebook, in its blogpost said: “Today, for the first time, millions of you will have the ability to use WhatsApp on your web browser.”
The web client will mirror conversations and messages from the mobile device, the post said.
How to access Whatsapp in web browser?
WhatsApp can be connected by in a Google Chrome browser.
Update the WhatsApp app to the latest version in your phone.
Choose WhatsApp Web from the menu.
You will see a QR code — scan the code inside of WhatsApp, and you’re ready to go. You have now paired WhatsApp on your phone with the WhatsApp web client.
Your phone needs to stay connected to the internet for our web client to work.
This service is currently available to Android, Windows and Blackberry users.

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