How to Transfer a Conversation From WhatsApp

Your WhatsApp conversations don't have to stay on your phone. In addition to creating backups of your entire conversation history in case your phone ever dies or needs to be restored, you can also export individual conversations, with or without any media you or your conversation partner shared while chatting.


  • The conversation export process happens through email, so you need to have at least one email account set up on your smartphone. If you have a Nokia S40 model phone, you also need to have a memory card inserted for the process to work. Like any other email, the exported conversation requires you to be connected to the Internet to be sent, either through Wi-Fi or over a cellular data network.


  • WhatsApp conversations are exported as a plain text file, readable on any operating system, which is automatically attached to an email message. If you choose to export the media that was included in the conversation, each individual media file is also separately attached to the email message. When choosing whether or not to include media, keep in mind that video and audio files can be fairly large and may cause the email message to be rejected if the recipient doesn't have enough space in his inbox or his email service places a hard restriction on the maximum size of an email attachment.

Basic Method

  • The exact button and tap sequence you use to export a conversation from WhatsApp depends on the type of phone you are using. The end result, however, remains the same -- a blank email message open in your phone's mail app, with the conversation history and, optionally, media files attached. Simply fill in relevant information -- the recipient's email address or, if you're saving the conversation for yourself, your own; a subject; some body text -- and then send the email as you normally would.


  • Launch WhatsApp, touch and hold the conversation you want to export, select "Email Conversation" and then choose whether to attach media.


  • Launch WhatsApp, open the settings and tap "Email Conversation" to open a list of all conversations saved in the app. You may have to scroll before this option becomes visible. Select the conversation you want to export and choose whether to attach media.


  • Launch WhatsApp, highlight the conversation you want to export in WhatsApp, press the "BlackBerry" button and select "Email Conversation."

Windows Phone

  • Launch WhatsApp and open the conversation you want to export. Tap the three dots in the bottom right corner, tap "Info" and then tap "Email Chat History." You may have to scroll down for this option to appear. Note that if the conversation is very long, it may be cut off due to the restrictions on maximum message size in Windows Phones.

Nokia S60

  • Open the main WhatsApp screen, tap "Options" and then tap "Settings." Tap "Chat History," tap "Send Chat History" and then select the conversation you want to export.

Nokia S40

  • Launch WhatsApp and open the conversation you want to export. Tap "Options," tap "Chat History" and then tap "Email."

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