Download WhatsApp For iPad Mini, Air, iPhone and iPod Touch

What is Whatsapp and Why you need to use trick to install it?

Its a famous messenger app that allows you to send free text message, video and much more. Its a premium app that is compatible for both iOS and Android. However, it works only on iPhone, but if you have iPad Air or iPad Mini, you can install it using a trick.

If you don’t have any smartphone or if you are having any problems downloading and installing WhatsApp on your smartphones you can try downloading WhatsApp For Pc and use it their.WhatsApp has not been officially announced for Ipad but we have a method through which you can download WhatsApp For Ipad Mini and install it and here goes the tutorial

  1. First download Ifunbox for you Mac or Windows Pc.
  2. Now install WhatsApp on your Iphone and connect it to your Pc.
  3. Now open users applications and select WhatsApp from it.
  4. Now create a folder on your desktop and copy the documents and library folder to it.
  5. Now download WhatsApp from here and select the WhatsApp.ipa file and copy it to the folder on desktop.
  6. Now connect your Ipad to your pc and open I-Funbox again.
  7. Now click on install applications and select WhatsApp.ipa file from desktop.
  8. Now the installation  will start and it will be installed in no time.
  9. Now delete the Documents and Library folders from there and copy them from your desktop.
  10. Now disconnect your Ipad and enjoy WhatsApp For Ipad Mini or Ipod Touch.


You will easily download and install it on your iPod or iPad. Suppose, if you get any error or query, leave a comment with your query in a line or two.


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