How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages, Videos and Images on Your Android/iPhone

Here is how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages, video and images on your phone. As you must be knowing, WhatsApp automatically makes backups of text-messages, videos and images, at 4 am every day and stores them on microSD memory card of your phone.
The most simple method to restore the most recent back up of your deleted WhatsApp messages is to simply uninstall and re-install WhatsApp on your phone.
This method is the most basic and shall recover the most recent back up of same day (4am-4am cycle). This basic method shall not work if you need to restore older WhatsApp messages, videos and images. Let us learn how to restore older WhatsApp messages and other files.
Before beginning the restore process, please keep in mind that the current chat history will be lost upon restoration and you can only recover/restore only up to 7 days worth of WhatsApp backup files. Also, you must have a file manager to rename the backup files. I assume that your phone has a valid file manager installed on it.
Open the file WhatsApp to create a manual backup. Go to “Backup Conversations” of your WhatsApp chat settings. To make things easier, below is the path: WhatsApp > [Menu Button] > Settings > Chat Settings > [Backup conversations]
Perform manual backup. The manual backup file are saved as “msgstore.db.crypt” in the local folder of WhatsApp database (/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases folder) and can be found under the following locations:
Android WhatsApp Database Path:/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt
iPhone WhatsApp Database Path:/net.whatsapp.WhatsApp/Documents/ChatStorage.sqlite
Rename the manual backup file so that you can easily find it among local WhatsApp database folder. Please note, the backup files are always saved in the/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/ folder. Now recover the messages from manual backup. Let us learn how to restore WhatsApp messages and other files from a manual backup.

Restore WhatsApp Messages From a Manual Backup

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp
  2. Select backup file you want to restore
  3. Rename that backup file from “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt” to “msgstore.db.crypt”
  4. Install WhatsApp
  5. Click [Restore] when prompted to restore your message history
  6. Done
Now your deleted WhatsApp messages are restored and can be easily accessed on your phone.

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