Another awsome trick to install WhatsApp on PC/laptop

Today all the new phones coming in the market have multiple facilities in it. Most of the phones are using WhatsApp as one of the mostly used App. Using a simple trick to install WhatsApp in your PC or laptop, you can also use it in PC. This will not require for you to carry your phone in your hand. You can enjoy its features in your PC/Laptop.
You can install WhatsApp using Youwave, another great application to run Android Apps on PC. You will be able to download various Android Apps with it. This application offers you the latest edition Android ICS 4.0.4. You can also download Android free games with this App. This software also let you to import application to run in it. Youwave is not a free software, but you will get 10 days free trial.

You will require minimum Intel Pentium 1.6 GHz CPU, 1.5GB DRAM, 500MB disk space. And windows XP,Vista, windows 7, windows 8, 32/64 bits. Follow trick to install WhatsApp as given below.

Trick to install WhatsApp in PC/Laptop:

1. Firstly download and install Youwave.
2. Run Youwave to open it, Click view> Online content.
3. DOUBLE click on online app( WhatsApp) to Install or browse the store.
4. Now after the download, click view>apps. And double-click to install WhatsApp.
Finally you are done now with this simple trick to install WhatsApp. Double-click to launch the WhatsApp in your PC/ Laptop.
Now click to Agree and continue. After that as usual the same thing you do on phone. You have to give your country code, phone number etc.
After you finish all this things you are ready to go live. You can have the fun with your WhatsApp now.

Features of updated WhatsApp for Android:

Recently Facebook has taken WhatsApp, and it has updated new version 2.11.169. This update introduce new features in it, now you have option to hide last seen option as with new updates you can let everyone see it. You can let your contacts see it or can set to “no one can see” it. Now you can also hide the profile photo and your status message and set the application only to show your contact details.
Now interesting thing is that WhatsApp is not going to be free, you have to pay for using it. But they have introduced pay for friend. This gives you an option to make payment for your friend too. This will helps lots of people to use without credit card too.  There are several changes made in WhatsApp now, but you can find trick to install WhatsApp and have fun. Mute system has changed, it works far better then before. It don’t work like before, if you mute group, its silent you will not find any notification. But the maximum duration of mute is one week. The notification for message broadcast has also been removed. However, you can still send broadcast messages without notification.
Overall very nice application with lots of fun. You can use simple trick to install WhatsApp as given above.

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