How to Hide / Block Last Seen From WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger have many cool features and Whatsapp Plus even have more super cool features. But sometime this cool features become reason of fight between couples or even friends. This is all because Whatsapp don't have any feature of hiding your visibility. Therefore here comes an article to save your relationship. Cheers.

I'm Sure you gonna love this. Is it possible that you were online till late night for example 2.30 am and when your girl friend checks your last seen it shows 11.00 pm, Yes now it is possible. There are about 200 Millions Whatsapp users (even more than twitter) finding new ways to hide there "Last Seen". Here are few simple steps to hide your last seen and make people fool.

How to Hide Your Last Seen In Whatsapp ?

  1. Install The Application "Not Last Seen" from here or link given below.
  2. While you are in Whatsapp you don’t received messages and you can write them but they won’t be send. (As the Data Usage will be Off)
  3. When you leave Whatsapp or turn off the screen, your written messages will be send and your pending ones will be received. (Now the data Usage is On)
  4. The changes done to config Mobile Data are only notified when done from Android default menu. 
  5. Please use Android default menu to turn on/off Mobile Data (Settings->Data usage) while "Last Seen" are blocking, don't use widget or shortcut.

How Does "Not Last Seen" Works ?

  • How does it work? When you are in Whatsapp  automatically, your network is disabled to block "last seen" notification. Once out of Whatsapp(or turn off screen), automatically, your network is restored to the previous state.
  • You can see your friends "Last seen" while this application is enabled, just open the conversation of your friend, press home button, wait for some seconds and open Whatsapp again.

Features And Stats :

  • Not Last Seen Application works on all Android Version.
  • It is Free of Cost
  • It Doesn't require Super User Access unlike other application (No Root Required)
  • It is not available on Google Play Store.
  • It is fully Secure.
  • Its Size is just 607 Kb

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