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Another awsome trick to install WhatsApp on PC/laptop

Another awsome trick to install WhatsApp on PC/laptop

Today all the new phones coming in the market have multiple facilities in it. Most of the phones are using WhatsApp as one of the mostly used App. Using a simple trick to install WhatsApp in your PC or laptop, you can also use it in PC. This will not require for you to carry your phone in your hand. You can enjoy its features in your PC/Laptop.
You can install WhatsApp using Youwave, another great application to run Android Apps on PC. You will be able to download various Android Apps with it. This application offers you the latest edition Android ICS 4.0.4. You can also download Android free games with this App. This software also let you to import application to run in it. Youwave is not a free software, but you will get 10 days free trial.

You will require minimum Intel Pentium 1.6 GHz CPU, 1.5GB DRAM, 500MB disk space. And windows XP,Vista, windows 7, windows 8, 32/64 bits. Follow trick to install WhatsApp as given below.

Trick to install WhatsApp in PC/Laptop:

1. Firstly download and install Youwave.
2. Run Youwave to open it, Click view> Online content.
3. DOUBLE click on online app( WhatsApp) to Install or browse the store.
4. Now after the download, click view>apps. And double-click to install WhatsApp.
Finally you are done now with this simple trick to install WhatsApp. Double-click to launch the WhatsApp in your PC/ Laptop.
Now click to Agree and continue. After that as usual the same thing you do on phone. You have to give your country code, phone number etc.
After you finish all this things you are ready to go live. You can have the fun with your WhatsApp now.

Features of updated WhatsApp for Android:

Recently Facebook has taken WhatsApp, and it has updated new version 2.11.169. This update introduce new features in it, now you have option to hide last seen option as with new updates you can let everyone see it. You can let your contacts see it or can set to “no one can see” it. Now you can also hide the profile photo and your status message and set the application only to show your contact details.
Now interesting thing is that WhatsApp is not going to be free, you have to pay for using it. But they have introduced pay for friend. This gives you an option to make payment for your friend too. This will helps lots of people to use without credit card too.  There are several changes made in WhatsApp now, but you can find trick to install WhatsApp and have fun. Mute system has changed, it works far better then before. It don’t work like before, if you mute group, its silent you will not find any notification. But the maximum duration of mute is one week. The notification for message broadcast has also been removed. However, you can still send broadcast messages without notification.
Overall very nice application with lots of fun. You can use simple trick to install WhatsApp as given above.

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How to Delete WhatsApp Backup Messages

How to Delete WhatsApp Backup Messages

One of the most popular smartphone messaging apps available, WhatsApp automatically backs up every message sent or received for seven days, enabling you to restore any accidentally deleted conversations. While it is a nice safety net, the automatic message archiving devours lots of memory. WhatsApp provides simple methods for deleting chat messages but provides no way to delete the automatic backups. Deleting the backup messages to free those valuable internal resources requires downloading a free Android app called WCleaner.


    • 1
      Download and install WCleaner (WCleaner is a little tool for cleaning WhatsApp files that are stored in your phone.)
    • 2
      Open the WCleaner app to automatically initiate a phone scan and detect WhatsApp files. WCleaner will sort files into four categories: images, videos, audio and backups.
    • 3
      Select the backup category to see the precise number of included files as well as the amount of space they occupy. Select a group of files or the individual files you would like to delete.
    • 4
      Tap the trash can icon to delete the selected backup files.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you would like to delete all of the saved WhatsApp files -- including images, videos and audio along with the backed-up messages -- click the "Delete All" button on the WCleaner's main categories menu.
  • WCleaner enables you to preview selected files before deleting them. Simply select the desired file and tap the "Open" button to view the preview.
  • WhatsApp automatically saves conversations every day at 4 a.m. local time. You may also run a manual check to ensure that the app has saved the day's content. From the WhatsApp settings options, select "Chat History" followed by "Backup Chat History." Tap the "Yes" button to manually preserve the recent chat history.
  • WhatsApp saves backup files to the phone's internal memory as well as to the SD memory card when space is available.
  • WhatsApp backup files are phone number sensitive, meaning you must use the same phone number or the same SIM card to access the backup files.
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How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages, Videos and Images on Your Android/iPhone

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages, Videos and Images on Your Android/iPhone

Here is how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages, video and images on your phone. As you must be knowing, WhatsApp automatically makes backups of text-messages, videos and images, at 4 am every day and stores them on microSD memory card of your phone.
The most simple method to restore the most recent back up of your deleted WhatsApp messages is to simply uninstall and re-install WhatsApp on your phone.
This method is the most basic and shall recover the most recent back up of same day (4am-4am cycle). This basic method shall not work if you need to restore older WhatsApp messages, videos and images. Let us learn how to restore older WhatsApp messages and other files.
Before beginning the restore process, please keep in mind that the current chat history will be lost upon restoration and you can only recover/restore only up to 7 days worth of WhatsApp backup files. Also, you must have a file manager to rename the backup files. I assume that your phone has a valid file manager installed on it.
Open the file WhatsApp to create a manual backup. Go to “Backup Conversations” of your WhatsApp chat settings. To make things easier, below is the path: WhatsApp > [Menu Button] > Settings > Chat Settings > [Backup conversations]
Perform manual backup. The manual backup file are saved as “msgstore.db.crypt” in the local folder of WhatsApp database (/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases folder) and can be found under the following locations:
Android WhatsApp Database Path:/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt
iPhone WhatsApp Database Path:/net.whatsapp.WhatsApp/Documents/ChatStorage.sqlite
Rename the manual backup file so that you can easily find it among local WhatsApp database folder. Please note, the backup files are always saved in the/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/ folder. Now recover the messages from manual backup. Let us learn how to restore WhatsApp messages and other files from a manual backup.

Restore WhatsApp Messages From a Manual Backup

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp
  2. Select backup file you want to restore
  3. Rename that backup file from “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt” to “msgstore.db.crypt”
  4. Install WhatsApp
  5. Click [Restore] when prompted to restore your message history
  6. Done
Now your deleted WhatsApp messages are restored and can be easily accessed on your phone.
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How to Transfer a Conversation From WhatsApp

How to Transfer a Conversation From WhatsApp

Your WhatsApp conversations don't have to stay on your phone. In addition to creating backups of your entire conversation history in case your phone ever dies or needs to be restored, you can also export individual conversations, with or without any media you or your conversation partner shared while chatting


  • The conversation export process happens through email, so you need to have at least one email account set up on your smartphone. If you have a Nokia S40 model phone, you also need to have a memory card inserted for the process to work. Like any other email, the exported conversation requires you to be connected to the Internet to be sent, either through Wi-Fi or over a cellular data network.


  • WhatsApp conversations are exported as a plain text file, readable on any operating system, which is automatically attached to an email message. If you choose to export the media that was included in the conversation, each individual media file is also separately attached to the email message. When choosing whether or not to include media, keep in mind that video and audio files can be fairly large and may cause the email message to be rejected if the recipient doesn't have enough space in his inbox or his email service places a hard restriction on the maximum size of an email attachment.

    Basic Method

    • The exact button and tap sequence you use to export a conversation from WhatsApp depends on the type of phone you are using. The end result, however, remains the same -- a blank email message open in your phone's mail app, with the conversation history and, optionally, media files attached. Simply fill in relevant information -- the recipient's email address or, if you're saving the conversation for yourself, your own; a subject; some body text -- and then send the email as you normally would.


    • Launch WhatsApp, touch and hold the conversation you want to export, select "Email Conversation" and then choose whether to attach media.


    • Launch WhatsApp, open the settings and tap "Email Conversation" to open a list of all conversations saved in the app. You may have to scroll before this option becomes visible. Select the conversation you want to export and choose whether to attach media.


    • Launch WhatsApp, highlight the conversation you want to export in WhatsApp, press the "BlackBerry" button and select "Email Conversation."

    Windows Phone

    • Launch WhatsApp and open the conversation you want to export. Tap the three dots in the bottom right corner, tap "Info" and then tap "Email Chat History." You may have to scroll down for this option to appear. Note that if the conversation is very long, it may be cut off due to the restrictions on maximum message size in Windows Phones.

    Nokia S60

    • Open the main WhatsApp screen, tap "Options" and then tap "Settings." Tap "Chat History," tap "Send Chat History" and then select the conversation you want to export.

    Nokia S40

    • Launch WhatsApp and open the conversation you want to export. Tap "Options," tap "Chat History" and then tap "Email."

    Source - ehow.com
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WhatsApp for Windows Phone users can soon hide 'last seen' notifications

WhatsApp for Windows Phone users can soon hide 'last seen' notifications

On February 21, it was reported that WhatsApp had brought the 'last seen' notification to Android devices, a feature that was already present on iOS devices. Now, according to recent reports, WhatsApp is bringing the hiding of the 'last seen' status feature to the Windows Phone app as well.

Reports claim the updated WhatsApp for Windows Phone app is in private beta (supposedly version 380), and has been rolled out only to a select list of users. Apart from the 'last seen' status notification, the updated app also brings in the background gallery. It is fair to assume that there will be a massive update in the coming days for the WhatsApp for Windows Phone app.

Reports of the WhatsApp for Windows Phone app in private beta claim users will also be able to control who in their contact lists see their profile photo and status, via the privacy control settings. The reports also mention that in the event users hides their status, they will not be able to view the statuses of their contacts as well.

Another new feature supposedly included in the WhatsApp for Windows Phone app is the Background Gallery. The team at WhatsApp is said to have added six new background wallpapers in addition to allowing users to take pictures, choose photos from an album, search pictures from the web and even delete pictures. In addition, features like Media Autodownload and Custom notification have also been spotted in the beta version.

There is still no word from the cross-platform messaging app developers as to when the updated app will go live, but it would be interesting to see as and when it does, how will it be received by users. A lot of discussion about Windows Phone as a platform not being an interesting one for app developers is going around, but, with the same updates rolling out for Windows Phone as are being rolled out for the Android and iOS platform, it seems like the attitude might be changing.

Source- NDTV
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Whatsapp Lock for Android

Whatsapp Lock for Android

Lightweight, practical, effective and fun!

This app lets you protect your WhatsApp privacy through a PIN.
After installation it will ask you to set a 4 digit PIN, and will show the configuration options to lock WhatsApp

You can customize auto-lock time, so you don't need to enter the PIN every time you change task on your device
If you enter a wrong pin and your phone has front camera, it will take a picture of the intruder and saved in the photo gallery.
Block for WhatsApp protect msg - screenshot thumbnailBlock for WhatsApp protect msg - screenshot thumbnailBlock for WhatsApp protect msg - screenshot thumbnail

Have fun in detecting the intruder! (Only devices with front camera)

★ It's free and has no limitations.
★ Keep your messages safe
★ Capture intruders when wrong PIN entered. Have Fun :)
★ Customize autolock time
★ Don't make you crazy with strange advertising.
★ It is ultra lightweight. Uses low resources and space.
★ Minimun special permissions required
★ Design attractive and simple user interface.

NOTE: This application is not related to Whatsapp company in anyway

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WhatsApp, the rapidly expanding mobile messaging app, suffered an outage for more than three hours on Saturday, frustrating users just days after its acquisition by Facebook for $19 billion.
"WhatsApp service has been restored. We are so sorry for the downtime...," WhatsApp tweeted to its more than 1 million Twitter followers on Saturday around 5:48 p.m. EST (2248 GMT).

Earlier, the service had said it was "experiencing server issues" without providing further details. Facebook referred questions on the outage to WhatsApp representatives, who did not immediately respond.

Five-year-old WhatsApp currently has about 450 million users globally and has been adding a million users daily.
On Saturday, some of those users took to other forms of social media, including blogs and Twitter to report the outage and vent their frustration.

WhatsApp is the leader among a wave of smartphone-based messaging apps that are now sweeping across North America, Asia and Europe, and is known to appeal to teens and others who avoid mainstream social networks.
During the outage the buzz on Twitter ranged from the conspiratorial - that Facebook had really bought WhatsApp to shut it down and funnel users to Facebook Chat - to the philosophical.

"So now that #Whatsapp isn't working I've actually talked to my family, they seem like nice people," tweeted @Ali_Hilu, a self-described social media addict in Jordan.
And @Iamhollybrown of Surrey, England, scolded, "Can't believe all these people are crying about Whatsapp not working, do some exercise, do some work, learn a language."
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